Quality over quantity


First of all, I want to say Hi! Let me introduce myself. I’m Deanna & I am the Chief Cookie Officer (that’s a way cooler way of saying managing director) of Moustache.

I have been blown away & humbled by all the support and enthusiasm for Moustache in the past week. Thank you all. The unexpected demand has put immense pressure on my tiny kitchen and on Team Moustache who are incredibly sleep deprived.  Every single cookie we make has so much love put into it so we have had to cut down our opening hours in order to keep focusing on QUALITY over quantity, which is always the first priority for Moustache.

From now on Moustache will be open Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm.
Please note we intend to extend these hours as soon as we can especially on Friday and Saturday nights.


I’ve had a few people complaining about the fact that in the four days we have been open, we have sold out each day. I want to give you my own personal promise that I am baking as often as humanly possible and only sleep for 2-3 hours so that there can be as many cookies as possible for you all. I truly do care, but I know this isn’t a sustainable way to run my business if I am sleeping so little. I only want the best service given to my customers & after baking all night, I feel the life ebbing from my usual cheerful self.

Of course, I would love to one day upscale and be able to cater to more people without compromising on quality. But this will take some time as finding good quality staff is a lengthy process and upscaling always takes a lot of time and money; I hope people will be understanding of this.

Some people are under the impression that Moustache is this new company with lots of money behind it  - when really Moustache is merely a start up project on a tight budget run by an ambitious girl from humble beginnings. I have poured my entire heart & soul into Moustache and want nothing more than for my customers to be happy but I am a firm believer in the saying, good things take time.

We make every cookie by hand & fill them with as many quality ingredients as we can. Everything is made with so much love, to the point where Team Moustache often refer to the cookies as our “children”. It is a process we cannot rush and the quality is something I am unwilling to compromise on.

I am truly sorry for those disappointed customers who have missed out various times because I have sold out or are in short supply of the cookie they want, but would just like to let people know that I am here, I am listening to your opinions and I am doing everything I can to cater to them.

To everyone, you have all been amazing and make everything worth it. Thank you for supporting small NZ business. I have been really touched by all your kind words and I really love meeting you all in the shop. I think we’ve created something special and I hope you will be patient with me as I continue to learn, improve and strive to keep Moustache at the top of its game.

Much love, Deanna 


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