Celebration Pack • 16 Assorted Moustache Cookies

Celebration Pack • 16 Assorted Moustache Cookies

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A cute gift box of assorted handmade Moustache cookies as a treat for yourself or a special someone. We can personalise it with a custom message on the box for you.

Assorted option includes each of the 8 classic flavours, this option does not include any vegan or gluten free cookies. 

Pick your own: If vegan cookies are included, they will be packed into the same box but can be put into a separate bag within the box.

For Vegan and Gluten free only packs - please see the "Vegan Cookies" tab. 

Please note:  All cookies are packed into one box but Vegan and Gluten Free cookies will be put into separate cellophane bags. Vegan Cookies contain nuts. Gluten Free cookies may contain trace amounts of flour.