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Dear Deanna - you and your team rock! I love that you have an overall wish to benefit communities and people through doing your work. This is so inspiring. Your motivation and aspiration for doing this is so excellent... we should all only be eating food

Thank you dear, business in NZ is never easy but it’s people like you who really do make it so worth while. We’ve only been open 5 months now but we are really excited for the future and if we all just keep going strong, we’ll be able to look back one day and know that we made a difference - even if just a small one. Thank you so much for your support - you are part of our story too. Much love, Deanna x

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makinglittlecents - stories from the owner of Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar

Hello lovelies, Apologies for the small amount of blogging I have been doing on this blog! It’s so hard keeping up with so many different social media mediums! Thanks all for following :) If you’d like to read a bit of insight about the girl behind Moustache - she has a personal blog on wordpress called It’s a blog that documents her journey to opening Moustache and running her first small business, so if you’re interested in that side of things - or just want to look into her brain for a second, feel free to find her there x

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A mere four months ago, on the 8th July, I wrote this letter to myself and looking back, it’s amazing how far Moustache has come since then. 8th July 2012: Today I met up with Monica & Miguel (the architects helping me out with the project) and Scotty (the builder). These people have been amazing to me & I can’t begin to describe my gratitude to them. The thing is, despite saving for Moustache for so long & often having to work 2-3 jobs to make this project come alive – there still isn’t much money. This means that they’re doing a lot of work for me purely for the passion of it. I don’t ever ever ever want to...

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